Are Yoga-ining Weight? How to Eat to Get the Most out of Your Yoga!

Trying to balance your schedule can be a nightmare sometimes, and you don’t always get the time to eat right. Yet, you somehow still find the time to get to that candy store you like, that’s halfway across town. It’s funny how that happens. Little by little you’ll find your way to buying a blood pressure monitor instead.

Still, it happens to the best of us. But, if your diet is out of whack, your yoga will suffer as well! Today, we’ll help you fix that.

7 Great Tips to Fix Your Nutritional Habits

How to Eat to Get the Most out of Your Yoga ?

1. Cut Your Veggies in Advance!

It might not seem like much, but if you cut your veggies before you go to sleep and put them in the fridge, you’ll have them ready the next morning or when you get back home the next day.

You’ll have them ready for eating straight away, you won’t have to spend extra cash to buy them pre-cut, and you won’t skip eating them just because the preparation process is a hassle! No more excuses!

2. Make a Meal Plan

You don’t have to be an accountant and make elaborate spreadsheets – just a quick list of the meals you intend to eat will do! You can keep it in your mind, but it’s best if you write it down somewhere where you’ll see it and remind yourself to eat well!

3. Always Keep a Stash of Protein

Like a squirrel hiding nuts, you should always hide some extra protein in your freezer! If you ever see some good meat on sale – snap it up and stash it away! You’ll still have enough that way.

4. Vary up Your Meals

If you only eat canned tuna with rice, you’ll soon want to vomit from even mentioning them in the same sentence! Make different combinations of foods, try to vary it up at all times and search for new recipes! Don’t let yourself become stale and starting hating the food that’s good for you!

5. Never Skip Breakfast

Once you wake up, you shouldn’t wait more than 45 minutes before eating something. The best way to avoid skipping breakfast or eating it too late is to always have a meal ready. It can be something you prepared last night or just leftovers; it doesn’t matter. Your fridge should never be empty and being in a hurry is no excuse to skip breakfast.

6. Snack Responsibly!

You shouldn’t skip snacks, but you also shouldn’t turn to junk food! Always keep something at the ready or carry it with you! It could be trail mix, good dark chocolate, some protein shakes, cans of tuna, bags of veggies – whatever it is you like. Find time for a quick snack – especially after a workout – and your body will be better for it!

7. Cheat Responsibly!

The best way to stick to your plan and don’t go overboard with treats is this – put them into your plan! Make sure to plan your cheats and treats beforehand and always have only as much as you intended. That way, you’ll still be able to have your sweet indulgence and stick to the plan! You won’t need vein finders for injecting insulin.

Here’s to Health!

If you keep to some of these habits and incorporate them into your daily routine, you’ll see a definite improvement! Both in your health and in yoga! You won’t get gifts like a pulse oximeter any time soon!  If you do start eating responsibly and still have trouble keeping up with your yoga, your body might be out of balance in other ways. Find out what it is and invest in fixing it with things like massagers or shoes for flat feet and you’ll be golden!